We arrange a number of types of Life Insurance for Pilots. They all offer 24/7 cover, including whilst flying:

  • Level Life Insurance. Where the sum assured (amount of cover) remains at a constant level throughout the fixed policy term.
  • Index linked insurance. Where the sum assured is inflation linked. This ensures the ‘buying power’ of the policy isn’t eroded over the policy term.
  • Decreasing Life Insurance. Often set up in conjunction with a repayment mortgage, the sum assured gradually reduces over the policy term.
  • Whole of Life Assurance. This policy is set up with no fixed term & runs for as long as the policyholder pays the premium for. Upon death the policy pays out the sum assured.
  • Critical Illness Cover. Often taken in conjunction with Life Insurance, these policies pay out a tax free lump sum should you become critically ill with one of the defined critical illness conditions.

We have highly specialised knowledge in placing life insurance for pilots in the following categories:

  • All fixed wing and rotary GA flying
  • Paraglider, Paramotor and Hang Gliding pilots
  • Commercial Fixed Wing and Rotary Pilots
  • Test, Display, Aero and Instructor Pilots
  • Microlight Pilot Life Insurance
  • Student Pilot Life Insurance
  • Glider Pilot Life Insurance
  • SSDR & Balloon Pilots

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